Races of the Universe

Greys.  Real name unpronounceable by humans.

An alien species we’re all familiar with, the Greys, as the Humans call them, are an ancient caste-based race, with workers, soldiers, mindwalkers, scholars, and rulers.  The various castes all have somewhat different morphology, abilities, and dispositions.

Recently, the Greys have split into two factions which are in a state of Cold War with one another.

On one side, there is the Puppeteer Faction, which feels that they have the inborn right to rule the universe, and ensure their own safety, by manipulating the minds, societies and DNA of the various younger races.  With recent events, this may have backfired on them very badly, after the Humans found out what the Puppeteer Faction had been doing to them for centuries, perhaps millennia.

On the other side, is the Guardian Fleet, composed almost entirely of Greys formerly serving in the military arm of the former interstellar government.  The breakaway faction identifying themselves as the Guardian Fleet, once constituted approximately 60 % of the race’s military capability.  The guardians think that they have a duty to watch over and protect the younger races (such as the Humans) and have split off from their former people after finding out the heinous things the Puppeteer Faction had been doing to the Humans.



Homo Sapiens, native to Sol III.  Evolved from primates, the Humans are proving to be a pain in the neck for other members of the galactic community.

With numerous factions all holding differing philosophies and moralities, looking to different governments, and some even having no government at all, Humans are tough to understand sometimes.

Worse, they are fast breeding, incredibly adaptable, and seem to put down roots in almost any environment which does not outright freeze, incinerate, suffocate or crush them.  With the advent of powered exoskeletons, nanotechnology and cybernetics, even some of those barriers are falling.

Humans are also often very innovative, reverse engineering any technology they get their hands on, often utilising devices and technologies in ways and for purposes their originators never envisioned, or wanted.



The Others are an old and mysterious race.  Little is known about what them by any of the races active in the galaxy.  Their ships are sometimes seen, their activities incomprehensible to analysis. What they look like, their preferred environment, what their goals, interests, and purpose are, continue to be a mystery to the rest of the galaxy

The Syndar might know, but they’re not around much;  perhaps off adventuring in higher planes of existence, or other galaxies, perhaps even other universes.  For all any of the younger races know, the Syndar might be the Others.  The whole point is, no one knows.

Hails by ships which encounter a vessel belonging to the Others usually go unanswered;  the Other vessel simply choosing to smoothly shimmer into hyperspace (if that’s even where they’re going,) or just winking out of existence.  Sometimes the Other vessel will just sit there ignoring all hails and attempts at communication, continuing with their unknown activity.

Those who have been foolish enough to have attempted firing on a vessel of the Others have had no success; at best, they have found themselves adrift with all systems offline.

There are no records of anyone having attempted to forcibly board one of their vessels; not necessarily because no one has tried.  There simply are no records of anyone making the attempt.