About the Artist…

I’m Cathryn Shaw, and this is my CG art site.

I realised recently that I should put up something of a Bio about me.

I’m closing rapidly on 50, housewife by day, starship designer and CG artist by night, for a joint art studio startup effort called RainyDay Studios.

I live in the Sonora desert, one of the most beautiful places on Earth, with a wonderful sarari-chick of a wife, and two cats who are secure in the knowledge that they own us; A lovely longhair calico who was a self rescue more than ten years ago, and a 14 year old lynx point Siamese, who is a much more recent rescue.  Both of our alien masters (the cats) are well-loved.

I am a perpetual student of Japanese, although I don’t speak much of the language, since I get so little chance to practice, and when I do encounter someone who speaks Nihongo, my brain usually freezes up.  Embarassing….

Science Fiction geekgirl (obviously), I’ve been inspired to get into the Military Sci-Fi genre partly by the excellent work done in Babylon 5, the 2003 BSG reboot, and of course, Star Wars; In part I have also been inspired by a sad realisation some years ago looking at a book jacket illustration done with really atrociously bad digital art, and realising “I could do better than that!”  I find design inspiration from the oddest sources, which often leads to some interesting conversations with my wife, or my friends.

As I may have said elsewhere, I use Trimble’s SketchUp 2017 for modeling, and the awesome and powerful TwilightRender for my rendering.  I occasionally use other software, but the user interfaces are such a pain with some of them, that it’s sometimes just not worth it.

I also build lightsabers and am part of a lightsaber dueling group which generally convenes  once a week for practice.

I happily accept commissions for both lightsaber building and CG artwork.  My rates are negotiable, so drop me a line with the details of what you are looking for, and I will be happy to quote you a price.