The Promised (if late) Clay Renders.

Here are the clay renders I promised a month ago. I do apologise for the lateness. Life has a habit of getting in the way. Little things like a burst water pipe at the studio, which is costing 3500 USD to fix, Coming down with some kind of nasty, non-flu respiratory illness, and other assorted issues.

The biggest delays of all, of course, come from having a client say “Hey, sorry to bug you, but there’s been a change in priorities. I need the interior images of such and such location now, instead of 2 months from now as it originally was scheduled in the workflow. Can you drop what you’re doing and change to that? I need the images in a week at the outside!”

Well. My schedule just turned to chaos. So, that’s been done, and now, after climbing back out from under the mountain of backlog created by this change, I can get back to what I originally was planning to do.

Orthographic view, Interceptor, built by a not so enigmatic, but ancient race.
Heavy Strike / Escort Fighter, built by the Reticulans. This is one of the two designs Kenneth Arnold allegedly witnessed flying over the Cascades in the US in 1947
Another Orthographic of the Reticulan Heavy Strike / Escort fighter
Top view, Reticulan Heavy Strike / Escort Fighter
Orthographic, Reticulan built Drop Shuttle. The other type of craft allegedly witnessed by Kenneth Arnold flying over the Cascade Mountains in 1947
Forward/Aft views, Reticulan Drop Shuttle
Top view, Reticulan Drop Shuttle

The trilogy these craft are part of, ‘Daybreak’ is an AU, although a rather close one, of our world. One of the basic premises of the series is that it’s all real. The saucers, the conspiracies, and many other things thought to be fiction, or flights of delusional fantasy, are all real.

In other words, yes, there really are aliens, and yes, there really are monsters, and there really are cruel psychopathic government conspiracies to conceal the truth and reduce the population of Earth under absolute despotism. Even so, science and logic are still the final word on what works and doesn’t.

There will be more renders coming in the near future. We are nearing the home stretch on the writing of the first book, but illustrations are going to take a while longer.

I hope everyone enjoys the renders.

One additional note. Regarding the watermarks. Sorry if they detract from the images, but after finding my work being passed off as his own by some little punk on Deviant Art, and Force knows where else, I am no longer releasing images without a more robust copyright watermark. Art thieves and Art Theft will not be tolerated.

Sorry to have to end this post on this kind of note.

Shinseiko, signing off.