Trilogy Update!

I’m sure everyone is eager for an update on the trilogy project I announced back in October!

[Insert crickets chirping…]

No? Well, have an update anyway. They’re good for you!

The novel is now over 100,000 words, and looks as if it’s going to come in around 130 thousand to 150 thousand words by the time it’s finished. Through a strange twist, I wound up getting pulled in as a co-author on this project, because of my knowledge of conspiracies, UFO history, and “military stuff.”

Apparently all the trivia I have picked up over the years, plus knowledge gained from my misspent youth suddenly became useful to someone! So, now I find myself with a great deal more work ahead of me, and yet, I’m enjoying the opportunity to be a part of a big project like this.

Concept art is being created, and updates will be forthcoming; the delay is just that there is a lot to do; more perhaps now than before, and some of it is damned complicated. Doing models and renders set at Groom Lake is not easy, what with the distinct lack of resources available regarding the US’s most shadowy military base. Well, second most shadowy. There is that other one somewhere in the Northern Pacific, but I know better than to talk about that. I know what extraordinary rendition means, and I’m not at all interested in a free trip to Camp Desert Rock, or any other alleged rendition sites; NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE!

Huh! There goes the NOPE-topus, NOPE-ing along again.

Anyway, doing renders can be difficult when you have to even create the geometry for the terrain itself, as well as hangars, equipment, etcetera. Renders set on alien worlds? Second verse, worse than the first! THere you’ve not only to create the terrain, but the damned planet, and match the lighting to the spectrum of the star the planet is orbiting.

The point is, I have not forgotten that I promised to post some concept art, and I will be posting some soon. I know you’re all eager to see it.

(Who am I even addressing? I know this blog and the associated site have like, all of two people who ever even look at it, aside from the damned spambots, who keep bombarding my mailbox through the contact form; and no I don’t really GAF if those are actual people using the contact form. If all you have to say is “Post my guest blog articles and make me wealthy!”, you can go screw yourself, but I’ll address that in a separate post some other time.)

Why do I talk as if I’ve got a lot of followers? OPTIMISM! That’s why!

Optimism is something creative people need in order to keep forging ahead on a long complex and sometimes difficult project, and there are parts of this project which are very difficult for me. There are certain segments I’m having to write for this story which turn on old PTSD issues, and others which just gross me out, because I loathe and despise some of the characters I am having to write about, or more to the point narrate the actions of. Still, I knew it was going to be tough when I signed up, and any day at my keyboard no matter how bad, is still ten thousand times better than some of the things I’ve been unfortunate enough to experience in my life.

If you’re not a spambot, and you are a live person, feel free to comment, or use the contact form, and say hi! Artwork coming soon.

Shinseiko, signing off…