On a separate note…

I realise I haven’t been posting at all for months on end.  I have been working on a few things, mostly personal, a few proprietary, but there hasn’t really been anything I could release.

Mostly though, I have been preparing for surgery to remove a tumour, undergoing said surgery, and then recovering from said surgery.  In the middle of this, I also moved to a new house on the other side of town, with my wife and cats.  This last, just like the surgery, was ultimately a good thing but incredibly stressful.

At this point however, things are finally smoothing out, aside from the usual day to day disasters we all face, like going out for a five minute trip to the home supply store, ending up with a flat tire before even getting there, and spending the next four hours hanging around a tire shop, putting up with bored, spoiled Millenials sitting in the lobby being Millenials about everything.

Specifically, in addition to constantly twittering, which is at least silent, they never once stop speaking, making the most hateful, venomous, mocking and judgemental commentary, about everyone and everything; that is, until someone reminds them that they are in public and that they should try to behave in a more mannerly fashion, at which point, all of a sudden the polite reminder is deemed hate speech and an assault on their free speech.

Congratulations, Shinseiko  You are officially old. You loathe and despise the coming generation as much as the Baby Boomers despised and loathed your generation, you Gen X slacker.

Axe-grinding aside, I am glad to be in a position where I will have more opportunity to post interesting things here for you.


Shinseiko, signing off for the moment.

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