Memorial Day

This weekend being Memorial Day, I thought it might be appropriate to express my appreciation for the men and women who have lost their lives in all of the senseless wars humanity has fought, and will no doubt continue to fight.

War is a stupid senseless, and unnecessary waste of time, lives, and resources, even for those who didn’t start it, and are simply defending themselves and their people’s way of life.

We do have better things we could all be doing, rather than fighting over resources, ideologies, or whose invisible sky friend is tougher.

That said, I honor the service of those who stood to, when called, and who defended their countrymen, their families and their way of life.  It is a sad world which requires us to have rough men and women ready to do violence on our behalf, and a very fortunate occurrence that we have those rough men and women standing ready to do violence on our behalf.

Thank you.  Rest well, and may your next life be spent training, not in fighting.