Almost the 1st anniversary of this site…Wow!

Imagine that!  I’ve had this Domain for a whole year and I’ve actually done something with it.  /sarc

To be fair, I have made some postings, and done some things with this site, and this entire project is a Work in Progress, so I shouldn’t be too hard on myself.

Still, I have not done enough, and I need to do more to make my work, and my site more professionally appealing.  This is sometimes a difficult thing to do when you have  a streak of perfectionism like I do, and are constantly learning and improving.

So, this changes today.

I need to remember the advice of my kenjutsu sensei long ago, and stop letting my quest for perfection be the enemy of good action. Also, I need to remember the advice, “everything is kenjutsu.”

So, have a peek at a couple of things I am working on:


Basic render of an alien starfighter.  Two versions pictured.  Fusion thruster powered in the foreground, and a gravtic drive propelled version in the background.  I’ve about got the basic shape down, and the colors.  Now to start detailing the models, and decide between the two of them.  The starfighter in question belongs to the Guardian faction of the Greys in my Oceanus Noctis universe world-building project.



The world of Stronghold.  A habitable moon, orbiting Psi Aquarii III A, the gas giant orbiting in Psi Aquarii’s habitable zone, this is the last redoubt of the Syndar Confederacy, known to most of the galaxy as the Ancients.

I went through numerous iterations, trying to get the ring material properties just right.  I think I finally succeeded.


I’m really actually proud of this one.  I rarely do much in the way of environment work, but I had an idea I just could not resist trying.

It worked well, after a lot of tweaking.  The mesh is made from a terrain heightmap I painted in GIMP, as is the texture used for the bumpmapping.  Hard to tell in this render what was obviously mesh, and what was achieved through bumpmapping.

Ultimately, this is going to be part of the environment for a Lunar starfighter base belonging to one of the Human factions of Oceanus Noctis.

Speaking of which,  here is a preview of part of that project.

Two SF-31 Starfighters preparing for launch at Serenity Base, Luna.  Gravitic distortion ripples can be observed under them, if you look closely.  This image still has work to be done, but that’s why this is a Work In Progress.  =)


There, I think that’s enough damage done for one day… =)



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