Whoever said January is the cruelest month…

…was right!  This is always the hardest month of the year to get through.  Between the cold, the dark, and the flu going around, and the post-holiday need to lose weight, it’s unpleasant enough that sometimes, I wind up wishing I could just switch into a prosthetic body, and be done with it.

Most of the time, I just want someone to stop the world, so I can get off and go home.  The nice thing about interstellar travel if it ever comes about, is that it will provide a way to go home, if the technocrats and the government power mongers on the left and the right both are kind enough to refrain from reserving interstellar travel only for the fabulously wealthy and government approved.

In reality, they won’t be, and it will be reserved for the aforementioned snowflakes, just like high quality, fleshly-looking prosthetic bodies will be.  Which really sucks, because as much fun as it is to read or watch stories about people living in dystopian societies, fighting back against a monstrous and bloated corrupt system, it’s not fun to live through, and increasingly, that’s what we’re living with, ladies and gentlemen.

Work on portfolio-worthy pieces continues apace.  I have a couple new pieces that are almost ready to go.  I think I may reorganise the layout of my portfolio when I post the new pieces, most likely into a gallery of clickable thumbnails.  Don’t get your hopes up for anything larger than 600 by 800 though, as art theft is increasingly a problem.

Also, as vast and infinite a place as the net may be, bandwidth and storage space still have costs attached.

Shinseiko, signing off…

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