Changes! Portfolio Added…

So I’ve added a portfolio to show examples of my work.  Not all of it is starships of course; periodically I also go a little lightsaber-crazy.  Yes, Star Wars (Pre-Disney) has been a major source of inspiration for me.

I also do book covers / book jackets.  I’ll be posting examples of those soon, although most of that is just simple layout work with art supplied by others.  Oftentimes the other is my wife Rohvannyn Shaw.  The two of us make a good creative team, and that’s really a lot of fun.

Lastly, I also do some digital painting / illustrating.  I am still leveling up my skills in that area, so there won’t be as many examples of that posted in my portfolio.  However, I will most likely show things occasionally here in my blog, along with Works In Progress.  WIP’s can offer a lovely amount of insight into an artist’s process.

Anyway, enough out of me for now.


Shinseiko, signing off