Hello Everyone!

On a more serious note, welcome to the blog side of my art site.  I’m Cathryn Shaw, CG artist, sometimes known as shinseiko on the internet.  I’ve been a little bit crazy about the subject of starships for most of my life, and ended up being a very frustrated space-geek, as we’ve failed to do anything beyond going to LEO, or Low Earth Orbit, and just sitting and spinning, for the last 45 years.

Along the way, I discovered that I was also a very frustrated artist.  The kind of visuals I wanted to express, I just couldn’t do with traditional methods.  10 years ago, I discovered that CG modelling and rendering was a lot easier than people made it look, and dove in to the deep end.  This website is the culmination of that 10 year deep dive.

The blog here will contain interesting little bits about my art, life, music, and maybe the occasional opinion.  I discovered heavy metal, as a music genre, many years ago, and have been a self described metalhead for better than 30 years.  Metal has actually shaped my choices in art, as well as many other factors in my life, primarily because it seems to be the last truly free, expressive genre of music with any passion, any guts, or any fire to it.

In fact, I can truly say that Heavy Metal has saved my marriage, and my life.  So be warned, you will frequently notice obscure little shout-outs to favorite song, or groups, usually done as ship names, or companies.

Enough for now, somebody’s calling me.

Shinseiko, signing off

The metal will be with you, always…