Second Steps with Blender

A gas Giant, with rings generated by a particle system, and now with Volumetric Scattering. There's probably an easier way to achieve some of the things I did in this piece. In fact, I know there is. I watched the tutorials. Unfortunately, they don't seem to work. Blender does some amazing things. Unfortunately, fully HALF of the time I spend working in Blender is spent fighting with what the Dev Team laughingly thinks is a usable UI. Worse, there are certain functions which are easy to carry out in ANY OTHER modeling program, and yet, the Blender DevTeam apparently has placed those on the Anti-Feature list. If you want to be the industry standard, then grow up, put on the big girl pantsu, and code up a better UI, and include industry standard features, like a simple "copy array along circle" function. I will probably write a blog post about this. In fact I may write a series chronicling my adventures with this. Maybe I will call it "Descent into Madness: Learning Blender"