Emrgence from the Orisha Jumpgate WIP

Shinseiko kuromatsu sigma draconis i a render 9

Work In Progress

Shinseiko kuromatsu sigma draconis i a render 8 post pro

First Effort

I liked the first effort, but realised I had left a few things out, and wanted to rerender at a larger size anyway, so I did, and the WIP was the result. Still just at the Work in Progress stage, because I have yet to finish the post pro, which would have been done already, if life would quit handing me challenges, like keeping my studio from imploding or falling down around my ears. Other life challenges; since I live in the US, this time of year is replete with drunken idiots playing with explosives, and shelling the neighborhood as if they think they're renacting the siege of Fellujah...(eyeroll)