Orisha Jumpgate Transit

Shinseiko kuromatsu orisha gate transit

First render. Nothing special here, except getting TO this point...

Shinseiko kuromatsu orisha gate transit1

Second Render. Fixed a mispaint, added Light from Jumpgate. Could still improve...

Shinseiko kuromatsu orisha gate transit2

Added drive flare, and "fireflies", particles of hypermatter drawn into normal space for a brief but glorious death after a ship's transit through a jumpgate. Still needs improvement, though.

Shinseiko kuromatsu orisha gate transit3

FInal Render. Still no Post Pro.
Improvements made; reducing the number of firefly particles, and reducing the intensity of the drive flare a bit...

A courier ship emerges from the Jumpgate left orbiting near the habitable moon Orisha orbiting the gas giant in the heart of the life zone around Sigma Draconis. Redo of a previous render which I did in the awesome, but dying SketchUp and Twilight Render, to see if I could.

This render was a pain to do. I had quite a problem doing the rings for the gas giant. I was originally going to do it with particles, but that just was not happening. Multiple crashes and just crazy weird counterintuitive stuff happening with bump maps giving reverse results (hey that's supposed to be a mountain not a rift valley! WTF?) were also a part of the fun. Eventually, though, perseverance and a friend suggesting better search terms for tutorials helped get this put together. At this point I'm fairly proud of the final render.